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Seriously times like these are when I miss Emily the most, I don’t know where our friendship would have taken us if she was still alive but I just wish that horrible car accident didn’t happen 8 years ago, and I wish my best friend was still here with me. The only comforting thing is being able to talk to her mom every day. Now I’m just breaking my back doing everything I can for people, because losing Emily has taught me that I never ever in my entire life want to lose another friend again, so I’ll do whatever takes to make my friends happy no matter what and I know it’s something I should work on and I shouldn’t be so giving all the time, but no one understands and I don’t even understand sometimes. Ugh.



For heaven’s sake go to hell

I’m trying not to hate you but you make it so easy!! Just go away P L E A S E.

When Adele comes up on shuffle


I’m like:


x factor y’all!


If you don’t download this I’ll cut your arms off.


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